Friday, December 28, 2018

First 20 Blocks Completed

Had to do an update with the first 20 blocks almost done.  Then I had to take a break and start cutting the half square triangles that are needed in the corners.

To make these kaleidoscopes, I cut 5 3/4 in strips and then used a 45 degree triangle ruler.  (You could use the 45 degree mark on a regular ruler but I decided to do it this way as I did have one of the specialized rulers.)  I did my geometry and decided that a 4 sq in square cut in half would give me about a 5 3/4 inch hypotenuse triangle which seemed about right.  I tested it and it was a tad big but that was okay, better too big than too small.

I should note that the tricky part of this was always putting the the light colored triangle in the same position when combining the sets of two to make four.  The two fours should be identical before you put them together.  Also when finger pressing each set of two, finger press the light/dark pair to the dark and then make sure you finger press the dark/dark pair in the same direction.  Then they nest nicely and you get a crisp intersection.  After the two pairs are combined and it is best to back stitch at the bulky end where the three seams come together or it will try to come apart when you put the two pairs of four together, I cut off all the little triangle ends before finger pressing the seam open.  After I combine the two sets of four, I finger press the last seam open as well and give it a good press on the back and then the front.  The last step of course is attacking the corners.

I couldn't help myself but had to see what it was going to look like so I attached the corners to the first 10 blocks.  It took a long time to cut out the half square triangles.  I think I have enough of the 45 degree triangles to make half a dozen quilts though!!  This is par for the course for me when doing scrap quilts.  I always cut way way more than I need.

I know I am going to like this quilt a lot!!  I even have a pretty good idea of how I am going to quilt it!  Now to just get 60 more blocks done!  I like to have quilts big enough for queen sized beds.  I have a sneaking suspicion my older daughter will snatch this one like she did the first in the series shown in the last post!!

The weather outside has been frightful so quilting inside delightful especially with my new sewing machine lamp!  I have completed the first 20 and have another 13 partially done.  This is not as fast as some quilts and it is obvious now that I indeed have enough 45 degree triangles to make many more quilts!!

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