Friday, December 21, 2018

Finally Beginning a New Quilt!!!!

Finally starting a new quilt -- one that I have wanted to make for awhile.  I saw it pictured on Pinterest and took me awhile to figure out how simple it was.  However, the cutting is definitely a bit tedious!!  I am using leftovers and all the greens, blues and purples I could find down here where I have a limited stash.  I vow not to buy anything except an occasional back as I don't have a lot of big pieces.  Those right in front (the greens) are leftovers from the mystery quilt done a couple of months ago.  Some of the purples were also from that quilt.  What is not shown is all the beiges and lights I am using as the contrast.  I may use some yellow/orange as well -- that is yet to be decided!  My quilts generally tell me what to do as I get going.  Even quilted jackets disobey me and make up their own minds.

I couldn't help myself but had to start putting some patches on the design wall.  You can see it is a simple kaleidoscope block.

I don't have a lot of pieces cut out yet but had to start building.

Here you can begin to see the design which looks like circles when completed.  The Kaleidoscope blocks disappear.

This is how the block is set up.  I made my strips 5 3/4 inches wide in hopes that I will have something like a 10 inch block when finished.  I may introduce a yellow/orange or yellow as the half square triangles either on the light pieces or the dark pieces instead of the beiges I am using in the kaleidoscope pieces.   I am using a 45 degree triangle for cutting the pieces which is a little annoying and I am sure by the time I am done I will have far far too many as that is what  usually happens with my scrap quilts.  I am trying to use up all sorts of fat quarters I have had as well as fabric used in many many quilts already.  If there is only a little left after cutting a strip, I then cut some 2 1/2 in strips or 2 inch strips using whatever I have left.  They make great beginnings or four patches or log cabin blocks.

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