Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Progress on the New Quilt

Starting to see what the blocks will look like.  There are three that have their darker colors here.  Need to add the beiges.

I started putting completed blocks up on the design wall so that they were in the right places but needed to reorient them.

Here you can see the first ten blocks almost done (missing their beige corners).  I added some yellows in using the backs in several cases.  I also did that to get some lighter beiges too.  As I mentioned before, this is made from leftovers from a previous quilt which was done with leftovers from a quilt done as a result of an Augusta Cole class.  

You can recognize that this is the most recent previous quilt.

This was the original mainly blue and purple quilt.  You can see the progression and they are certainly all very scrappy which is my very favorite type of quilt.

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