Friday, May 10, 2019

May GVQC Meeting with Speaker Tina Somerset

Today was my first meeting back since back in September.  This quilt is the raffle quilt for this year and is just stunning.  This club certainly has some master quilters as evidenced by the prizes they have received at various very large shows.

I thought the back was super interesting as well as it was obviously put together a block at a time.

 There were 32 Comfort Quilts handed into today and many were just lovely.  I just got pics of a few and they are not very good quality so that is why they re smaller than usual.  Of course, I ran out of battery before the meeting was over as well so had to resort to my cellphone which just isn't up to long distance pics!!

 I got my camera under a bit better control for "show and tell" so these are a bit bigger.

 This was actually a smaller wall hanging but I could get a closeup.

This was a stunner done by Claire Welch.  I loved it!!

 This was a result of the Bonnie Hunter class back in the fall although this quilter chose to do her own thing with the palette.  A lovely quilt!

This and the next one were done by the same quilter only she squished the blocks on the second one!

 Nancy Levant did this stunning quilt!!  It uses Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

This quilt has pictures of cats and dogs all through it and will be used as a fund raiser for one of the humane societies!

Another lovely quilt! 
Nice little art quilt.

 Tina Somerset was our speaker this month and did a talk on the various elements of design and how she incorporated them into her quilts.  It was very dark and she was far away!!  The first few pictures were also taken from a distance but shows all the different types of quilts she has created.  She is basically a hand quilter and considers herself a traditional quilter turned art quilter.  She lives locally  and belong to our club.

This was a stunning applique quilt but awfully far away but you get the idea.  Tina does a lot of painting on fabric and loads of different kinds of embellishment as well.  She hand quilts most  but I believe she machine quilted this one. 
She did a lot of painting on this one. 
The rest of these were taken close up but sitting on a table so I didn't get full images for most but you get the idea!! 

This one was English paper pieced.  Sounds like she won't be doing any more of that kind!  She uses  color tools consistently to choose her palettes.  She was a lovely speaker.  I don't know whether she taught a class as well as I wasn't here but know she teaches and has been well represented in major shows as well as on the AQS Calendar and Quilt Life magazine.

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Claire Welch said...

Thanks for the photos ... and the compliment. I enjoy the photos you post from other venues also. Inspiring.