Thursday, May 9, 2019

RAFA May Meeting

The snowbirds including me were almost all back from our warmer climes!  Sarah T is our incredible needlepoint artist and did this as part of a class out west where she spent the winter.  She said she learned a lot which is hard to believe as her needlepoint is always beyond stunning!!  This was done on screen instead of cloth which I thought was very interesting!!

Another needlepoint piece from Sarah.

Sarah also did this quilt which was a result of a class that fellow RAFA member Janet R teaches.  All the blocks use the same components.  I did one like this many years ago when Janet taught it as part of our Fall Migration.

Sarah also modeled a jacket she had made.

Here is the back.

Donna showed two flowers that she made from the silk paper that the group made in the last two meetings.  I was very sorry I wasn't there for that!!

 Donna also showed this jacket that she made out of a very tattered and worn quilt that she bought.  She covered the whole thing with organza to protect the fibers.  It was absolutely stunning.

Here is the front.

Elaine showed the piece that she made with the silk paper!

Joyce M shared this piece made with her hand painted fabric.  She also showed several other pieces fabrics with various surface design techniques.

Deb R shared this piece which I really liked!

Val S did this piece while recovering from two broken wrists!

This is my first showing of what I think I am going to do with some of these smaller mandalas.  Here I have used black as the shadow but will probably choose a grey or maybe even a blue instead.  Yet to be determined.

The blogs have been sparse as I have returned north and set myself some goals for the summer.  One of those goals is to work at least two hours every day getting rid of "stuff".  In my first week, I have managed to get rid of 18 very large boxes of yarn as well as a knitting machine -- all to good homes.  Unfortunately I discovered even more hand dyed fabric that I had forgotten as well as two more boxes of black and white fabric.  I am starting to go through fabric as well and already have six large boxes which I will first try to sell at our quilt club "garage sale" and then will donate the remainder to various organizations.  I am also getting rid of a lot of my cookbooks and all my paperbacks as I really only read on a Kindle these days (and have two of those as I filled up one!!).  

I also have to finish putting sleeves on some of the ten quilts for our quilt show at the end of May as well as prepare for a talk and demo I am giving to a local quilt club on stack and whack quilts.  I am hoping to get back to regular blogging soon!

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