Friday, February 14, 2020

QBTS January Meeting - Show and Tell!

Well, haven't seen much in the way of birds as either the timing or the weather has been off at low tide!  Canada Geese have taken over the local lake where I used to see all my ducks.  I did see this lovely Great Egret down at Ft. Fisher one afternoon so included him for your viewing pleasure!

A Habitat for Humanity quilt.  i have been putting a lot of kits together for myself and have enough for probably two or three more quilts that I will do or this worthwhile and fun project.

A really nice sampler quilt.  Of course as usual, i don't have names -- sorry!!

Another pretty sampler!

Nice  beachey quilt!!
Beautiful quilting!  

Loved this one!!  So reminiscent of yellowstone!!

Our program for this meeting was a presentation of all the products that are sold by the Martelli Co.  i have bought one of their rotary cutters in the past because so many people raved about them.  I found it okay but since i do most of my rotary cutting sitting down, i didn't find it as comfortable as people have commented and i suspect my sitting position was the reason for it.  it was an interesting presentation and i hadn't realized the extent of their products.

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