Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Neo-natal Quilts and Farmer's Wife Blocks

This and the next two quilts were made for our Guild neo-natal program.  

This was made from the blocks that were not 60 degree angles which I didn't realize until I cut all the fabric up!  So I call it my original design!

I call this my Mother Goose quilt.  I made it a little smaller than I was supposed to in my hurry to get it finished, forgetting to add an additional border.  It's still cute though!

Just a couple of the blocks I have done the last couple of days.  I am getting better at not having to rip out seams because I have the half square triangles going in the wrong direction!!


Here is the current status of the blocks.  I am trying to do one a day but if they are super simple, I overachieve.  Some of my fabric choices are better than others but hopefully it will even out at the end.  I was worried about what to do for sashing but decided I will probably use a very dark forest green.  I do them as a reward for having machine quilted a baby quilt!  


Unknown said...

Hello Beth! I came across your blog as I had been searching for a pattern for which you identified as “Slow and Steady”. I read your (much older) posts and understand that you found some of the assembly instructions erroneous. The only information on this pattern I can find is from a book that was published in 2014…I believe your post was several years after that. I was hoping you could help/direct me on where I can find the actual updated pattern for cutting and piecing instructions on this quilt. Thank you in advance, Amy

Elizabeth said...

Hopefully you will get this comment, Amy. When I made the blocks, the author of the book had not published any corrections. I put a scathing review on Amazon -- the only time I have ever done that -- because the author was so nasty when I called her on the mistake. She has since posted corrections on her website so if you have the book, you will know her name and can get to her website.