Sunday, December 3, 2023

Two More Finished!

Everyone seems to want larger quilts these days for "comfort" quilts so I added this sashing to make it about 56 x 78.  Now just to baste, machine quilt, add borders and bind.  I have used hand dyed fabrics for all the solids as i don't ever buy solids anymore.  Can't seem to find the picture of the fabric that this was made from.

And here it is completed.  I like the grey/blue binding I put on it, matching the background of one set of blocks.

I found some major yardage of more strip sets that were much lighter in color and decided I could do baby quilts with this colorway, choosing a lighter color for the sashing and only using lighter colored strips.  I hadn't known what to do with all those light colored strips as I use them sparingly in the "stained blass" looking quilts.  Seems to work here.  I was also selective in the prints I chose for the back.

This is the back.  The white looking block has musical notes all over it.  It is difficult to get the backs and fronts to both look well placed!

I will be working on the last of the "stained glass" quilts tomorrow and use up the remainder of those strips.  It was a tight squeeze to find enough to finish a 40 x 60 in quilt but I did!  I have enough of the lighter strips to make several more baby quilts.


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