Monday, December 10, 2007

The Beginning of a New Week

This is one of the many ibis we have seen in the yard this year

Well, the weather continues to be beautiful and looks like it will stay that way through next weekend at least! I am glad not to be in Rochester for sure!

I am continuing my 4 mile walks each morning along the beach as the sun rises. I have collected a few interesting shells but more interesting is the starfish that I have seen the last two mornings. I will try to post a picture next time I am online. They are called "thin starfish" and are 9 legged starfish that are about 16-18 inches across. I have seen many, many of the usual starfish this time and today saw several alive and dead ones of this new (to me) variety. Also the anhingas have been posing for me each morning so I finally took my camera with me this morning so will post pictures of them later as well. Yesterday,one stood about 5 feet from me on the shore. They are surprisingly pretty close up. They are very much like cormorants except they have a bright yellow/orange beach and spots. They hang out like the cormorants do though. I see them in the canal but they are generally too far away to get good pictures. Hopefully, I got some good ones this morning to post later.

I have intensely enjoyed the wonderful Gulf shrimp as well. Almost any other kind of shrimp gives me a mild allergic reaction and I will not feel well after eating them. Not with the gulf shrimp. It is cheaper this year than previous years so we will be indulging A LOT!! Of course as usual, we haven't been out to eat except for the first night we were here! Oh well. Warren has been sharing the cooking and the cleaning so it is okay.

This is the yellow crowned night heron that sits across the canal at low tide most days.

This is a snowy egret trying to start a pool party. The Great Egrets have not been as present IN the pool as they were two years ago.

A Ft. Myers Beach sunset over the canal.

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Priscilla Kibbee said...

You are having much to much fun there in the warmth and sunshine.