Saturday, December 8, 2007

The End of Week 1

Well, the weather keeps getting better and better. It does rain occasionally at night but it is bright blue skies by morning each day. I generally get out for a two to four mile walk along the beach each day. This morning I was out early as there was a low tide and I love collecting shells along the beach. I will try to take a picture or two later of the shells I got today. I will be publishing posts when I can as we have no easily accessible email and pictures are a bit of a problem but be sure to go back to posts I have already done as I may add pictures when I can.
I added a couple of pictures to the last post.

It was four miles this morning and it was gorgeous although getting warm. The weather is wonderful as is the water which is consistently in the mid to high 70's. I think this will be a great month, all in all. Beats the snow in Rochester for sure!!

I also finished ALL the blocks for the Lady of the Lake blue quilt I have been working on forever. I am sashing four blocks together and then sashing the four block units together. Hopefully, the darn top will be done by the end of tomorrow!! Then on to finishing some other UFOs that have been languishing in bags by my sewing machine for a number of years. I am dying to get back to another Yellowstone piece when I get home.

This is the Great Egret that visits me along with a few friends each morning as I drink my coffee.

This is just a picture of the wonderful blue sky and the swimming pool at the place we stay. Often the birds have a party here when there are no swimmers. This is overlooking the canal. I haven't seen them yet but several dolfins have been coming by for a visit also. The water is so warm in the Gulf that the manatees haven't come to the inland waters yet.

We have had frequent large flocks of ibis as well which I hadn't seen before on the canal.

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