Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just Another Day in Paradise!

Well, a little quicker on the internet as I couldn’t pay my bills yesterday as the website was down!

We have had a little cooler weather down here which has been very refreshing. My walks in the morning are much more pleasant when the weather is a little cooler. Once the sun comes totally up, it gets pretty warm no matter what the temp actually is.

Each day brings some new surprise though which is why I enjoy the beach so much. Today’s surprise was the dolphins (really porpoises I believe). We have seen them all the time the last couple of days. They are very very close to shore in very shallow water which I found surprising – about the closest I have ever seen the dolphins anywhere. We could watch them chasing down the fish. Talking to our “innkeeper”, I found out that sometimes the dolphins actually beach themselves chasing the fish to eat!! Now I will have spend more time sitting on the beach as I really want to see that!!

I still haven’t seen the manatees either. Evidently they aren’t in the canal this time of year but are common in the summer and late spring. Well, it is something to look forward to!

I also managed to finish another top which has to have more work . I am not crazy about it but it is done. It has convinced me not to waste any more time on the other stack and whacks that I have so they will be given away unfinished!! I am now just doing nine patches and snowballs and trying to get a couple of comfort quilt tops done. I also have some pieces cut out to put together the really simple block that I used for the two baby quilts that I have made.

Of course I am reading my fair share of books and caught up on Patricia Cornwell (the non Kay Scarpetta series which is more black humor like one of my favorites Carl Hiassen). I have also caught up on a couple of other authors that I had saved for the vacation! Still have the latest Harry Potter to read.

This is just another shot but quite close up of one of our resident pelicans. The gold on his head indicates that he is a male and heading into the breeding season. It will become even more striking next month. I do love pelicans for some unknown reason that I think dates to my childhood vacation in Florida one summer. It was such an extreme treat for our family who didn't have much money. It was of course the first time I had seen pelicans.

This was a snowy egret that was posing for me. I think he is the one that chases off all the other snowy egrets each morning. Sometimes there will be three or four and when he comes, he literally chases them all away.

This is one of the stack and whacks I brought along to finish this trip. It is quite small and I am not particularly happy with it but it was impossible to do without a design wall.

I included this picture as it shows what I think is either a very immature male or a female along with "blondie" who is showing his colors. They are constantly diving to catch their breakfast in the canal behind us.

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