Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awesome Class With Jan Krentz

This is one of the eight points of the eight pointed star that is in the middle of the Summer Salsa quilt which is the two day class I just completed with Jan Krentz (Jan Krentz's website with a description of her workshops). Jan graciously agreed to teach this five day class in two days so we were really really working hard and I did homework last night as well!! Despite the handicap of time, Jan completed her presentation. Rarely have I seen a teacher as well prepared and interactive with her students. I left the second day tired but inspired. Hopefully, this will not be another of my "addictions"!
Barb to the left is working on her Featherweight and her block made of all batiks is in front of her.  On the right is Jan  Krentz working on the sewing machine with another of the students. She took time with everyone in the class.

This was my center star at the halfway point.

I blocked it at home and put it up on my design wall to see how I liked it.  Still not sure about fabric choices but I hadn't put a lot of thought into it as I had very little prep time!

Today we spent a lot of time working on the squares that are the "rocket" blocks in the background and fit between each point of the star.  This was the color choices of Sallye who was the first to get a background block done. Jan spent time with a lot of inspirations for different choices for the background and even though I cut out my "rocket" blocks, I may change my mind and go with another choice.  We shall see....

This is a very over-sized picture of a butterfly called the Red Admiral. I don't think I have seen one (although haven't checked old blogs) but this year there was an "irruption" of these in Rochester due to the very mild winter.  They are all over the place.  They are about 2 inches wide but are great flitters and don't sit still and when they do, they sit more like moths with their wings folded.  I had to wait a bit to find one that momentarily opened his wing in a proper butterfly orientation.

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