Thursday, May 10, 2012

May Genesee Valley Quilt Club Meeting with Speaker Jan Krentz

I have just returned from North Carolina just in time to attend the May meeting of our quilt club.  It was quite the show!!  There must have been 40 people lined up for Show and Tell and there was one spectacular quilt after another!  This was a group that had done a round robin and this was the final "show".  The quilts are all so different.

This was one of two dahlia quilts done by one of our master quilters -- Judy Laurini.  Like me, she has been working on two series of quilts -- she also had done quite a few one block wonders!  There was of course awesome quilting in the background which you can kind of see.

I don't know the name of the quilter but I thought this was a beautiful star -- one of a couple that quilters showed.

This looks like applique but it is totally pieced and done by Nancy Levant, another of our prolific quilters.

I thought this was a stunning sampler quilt -- I really loved it and it will be on display at Genesee Country Museum eventually.

This is one of Janet R's beautiful quilts.  She can make the simplest patterns just stunning and this was no exception.

This is the back of the above quilt.  Originally the strips in the middle were the borders but Janet decided she liked the plain border better.  I have done some of the same things with my quilts.

These ladies were showing off the "mystery" quilts they did in our Spring Fling.  This was guided by our very talented Janet R and they are all so different!

This is Jan Krentz who was our speaker today, led a class yesterday and who will be teaching a two day class that I will be in on Friday and Saturday.  I hadn't done any of the pre-work as of the meeting so came home, looked over the six pages of instructions and got everything done pronto -- may not be the best or most innovative fabric selections but it will do!  I didn't attempt to stray from her suggested colors which is definitely different for me!!

Jan is known for her diamond quilts and I loved this one.
This is the class she taught yesterday and I really love the quilt.  I would definitely have taken this class if I were in town!!  I may have to buy the book this quilt is in even though I have sworn off more books!!

This was a quilt completed by one of Jan's friends which she purchased. It is absolutely stunning and the woman is a fairly new quilter to top it off!!
This is a variation of the quilt we will be doing tomorrow and Saturday.  

This the quilt we will be working on tomorrow called Summer Salsa. I wanted to take a closeup picture so I could see better how the fabrics worked together.

So I am looking forward to the class tomorrow.  I already know I will be breaking some rules from the supply list description (and what I am NOT bringing)  but "done is better than perfect" is the philosophy I have adopted from Brenda P of Dear Jane fame!!

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