Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Unveiling and What's Next!

It's done!!  I am relatively pleased with how it came out.  I made some executive decisions along the way and left the original color choices a bit as I finished it.  I think I am going to put a small black border and may then include a row of molas.  As it stands, it is about 48 inches by 48 inches and really nice and flat.  I am actually looking forward to quilting it as soon as I decide on the outside...

I will be making another one of these as for some reason I decided I would see how the molas I have collected over the years (purchased from Priscilla after her trips to Panama).  I just placed these on top of the "rocket" blocks to get a feel for how it would look and I LOVED it so the next Lone Star will be started before too long using the same very colorful palette (looks like the palette was made for the molas, doesn't it!    These are the smaller appliqued molas that are really made for the tourists but I have many nice ones that I like -- they are beautifully embroidered -- Priscilla is very picky.

I was bound and determined to finish up and decide what to do with this latest set of Serendipity blocks.  I didn't have enough of the background hexagons to do what I usually do so had to move to plan b.

What I decided on was to use small stars in the background triangles.  The star points alternate blue and green and are on white.  I have done them all but one in this picture.  I will use a medium blue for the background of the rest of the background hexagons.

It was an exciting day as I spotted an Indigo Bunting sitting on Marcia's fence but it flew away as soon as I got my camera out.  I did get a photo of it way on the other side of the field but it is just enough to identify it and not publishable!!  I had heard that we had buntings up here from a club member last week but this is the first time I have seen one.  Maybe before I thought they were bluebirds but this definitely was a Bunting!

Of course I got home and am sure now I have a UTI  -- drat.  It will be a miserable night and will get a prescription hopefully in the morning  -- why do these things happen after doctor's hours?

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Diane said...

How lovely. You did a good job.