Thursday, May 2, 2013

Okay, Just One More Post from Carolina Beach Lake!

This is a closeup of the Tri-Colored Heron that frequents Carolina Beach Lake.  You can see that his transition into full mating plumage is complete with his bright blue bill and his white headdress!

Here he is in full with wildflowers in the foreground!

This is a really strange picture but this bird is about impossible to photo and I hadn't seen these down here before (probably had migrated one way or the other).  It is a common Tree Swallow but I have been seeing these which surprises me as there are few bugs.  He was just taking off here.  I don't think I have seen one sitting before but he swooped down several times.  I only had my little camera so this was the best I can do!  It was nice to add another bird to my Pleasure Island list this late in the year.

Looks like the Greater Scaup is still down here mixing with the Mallards.

Couldn't resist this Mallard.

This is the slightly lavender Philadelphia Fleabane.  Another one of the common wildflowers you see everywhere.

I believe this is the Florida Betony which was growing in the swampy areas.

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Backwoods Quilter said...

Lovely photos, Beth. Thanks for sharing them.
We have a blue heron on our pond as well as loon various ducks and other wildlife.
I am in north central Ont. so it is always nice to see what is natural to other areas.