Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring 2013 Has Arrived in Rochester

I must say I am glad that I arrived back here in Rochester while the Trillium were still blooming.  The Trillium that is right in the backyard now has three flowers instead of the one that it had for years.  Between our house and the house next door, we have a lot of both the white and the plum colored variety which blooms a  little earlier.  It is a beautiful sunny day here but....

I decided to go down to the outlet of the Irondequoit Bay into Lake Ontario (this is where those firemen were murdered Christmas Eve as part of the huge fire and shootings) to see if there were any of my usual birds.  I couldn't even see the water from 10 feet away much less ANY birds!!!  I didn't even see a Mute Swan or Canada Goose!!  They may have been buried in the fog.

The air temperature is probably in the 70s but the water temps are probably still in the 40s.  It was very ethereal.

 Looking down the pathway.
The marina in the background.  Just a block away, the skies were a clear cerulean blue!!

If you have gotten this far in your reading and you like seeing birds, check out my sister's blog (listed on the side) for the next few days.  She took 4000 pictures down in Texas on her way back home and saw dozens of new life birds for herself and her hubby.  I am insanely jealous!!  

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Gail Baker said...

Next year, plan to fly into Brownsville, we'll pick you up and go to all the cool birding spots along the border and on South Padre Island. Bill kept saying he wished you were with us because you would have enjoyed it as much as we did. Sound like a plan?