Monday, May 27, 2013

Lazy Days...

My husband and I are making it a priority these days to clear "stuff" out of our house.
We have clearly been spoiled by the uncluttered (most of the time) beach house.  Dear husband has cleared up the dining room (the catchall room for years) and removed the ancient computer desk and all its detritus.  In addition, he sanded and redid the floors and painted the walls!!  We both decided that the Lilies quilt would look great hanging in that now empty space so most of my pictorial quilts have now found a home.  The cushions on the chairs are a dark green which hadn't even occurred to me!  Now if we can just get the rest of the house somewhere near this good!

Because the weather has been so spectacular and spring has been so colorful this year, I have spent many lazy afternoons reading out on my driveway.  This is the view from my chair -- not the ocean but pretty good I would say!!  Our next door neighbor has exquisite gardens and this year the blooms have been even more beautiful than usual.  I was inspired by the juxtaposition of the color and texture.  I always sit with my camera in case our nesting Pileated Woodpeckers make themselves known -- they make it really difficult to get a good picture.

Another shot which shows the rhododendron and the dogwood in the background that is almost pure white this year from all the blooms.  The azaleas have been the same -- you can't see the foliage for all the flowers.

The goldfinches are back and feeding at the neighbor's feeder as well.  I have always had a difficult time with shots from so far away and the deep contrast in value with the goldfinches and their background.  If I get any closer, they make a run for it!!

Getting ready for the quilt show still and trying to think of what I need to take with me for my Iron Quilter participation on Saturday at the Genesee Valley Quilt Show at RIT Field House.  Please stop by and say hello!


Gail Baker said...

Uncluttering? Do I need to come visit again?

Scott & Gayle Barton said...

Your name popped into my head tonight (I was at my college reunion this weekend so my brain has been going down memory lane). Linked In seems to think you were at Xerox from 81 - 94 in which case I have the wrong Beth. If you taught me to macrame and were there in '76 when my oldest daughter was born and we campaigned for women to be able to work from home, then hello from a former colleague. Regardless, your quilts are spectacular!
Gayle Barton,