Thursday, June 6, 2013

THE Quilt Show -- Genesee Valley Quilt Club Magical Threads - Part I Some of the Art Quilts

This piece was called Which Way Out by Karen Sienk.  I took a class with her I think several years ago when she was doing landscapes.  This was one of my favorites and I believe won first place in the professionally judged entries.

Our quilt show was very successful with lots of people all three days of the show.  I was kept busy as it was my job to take photos of over 600 quilts (with help from my husband and Ken Reek).  I did do all the manipulating of the photos which is why there has been no blog for days!!

This was by Sara Bailey and called Majesty.  I just loved it.  If you double click, you can see the detail and the sparkly threads.

My Serengeti Lions (shown in previous blogs) won an Honorable Mention in the Art Quilt category from the peer judges (not professionally judged).

This one was also by Sara Bailey and was called Tree in the Park.

I have only included some of my personal favorites in this blog but not necessarily the ones that won prizes!!
This and the following piece are both done by Caris Burton who is one of our most talented art quilters with her subtle soft colors. She also does incredible felting pieces as well which I have often shown on my blog.

This is called Birds in Warped Time and was part of a Nature Behind Bars exhibit.  The bars here are music staffs.

This is called Trout Quintet.

These next two pieces are by  Marcia DeCamp.  I have seen these many times and probably have featured them before.  Her work is seen throughout the country in some major exhibits and I feature her blog on the side of mine.  This one is called Purple Sunset.
This is called Storm at Sunrise

 These next two pieces are by Beverly Kondolf.  She has certainly found her "voice" these last few years and I love the directions she is going in!  She was VP when I was the Club Pres.

This is called Currents.

This is Underwater Life.

This piece is called Teal Spring by Mary Louise Gerek.  She is one of the newer members of our RAFA group and has already published patterns carried by two of the major distributors!  

This piece is by Pat Pauly and is part of her Mummys series.  This one is called Mummies Influenced.  Pat creates her own fabrics and combines them into extremely innovative compositions.  She has been in Quilt National several times with her designs.

This piece was part of the Nature Behind Bars exhibit (this was a RAFA exhibit).  It is by Caren Betlinski and is called Uh-Oh.  Notice what the bars are and double click to see the wonderful thread painting which she is known for!  This was one of my husband's favorite.

This piece was called Inflourescence and was by Elaine Ross.  It of course has my favorite palette of purple and green (you will see evidence of that in a blog later this week).

This is called Microbes by Sarah Terry.  If you double click,  you will see the wonderful beadwork in it which is her specialty.  She does magnificent beaded pieces.

This piece is by Judy Warner and called Journey. She recently made a trip to Antarctica.

This is only a small selection.  You can see the total show at: GVQC 2013 Quilt Show .  This is a Picasa album and there are over 600 pictures.

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