Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June RAFA Meeting!

It was good to get back to my RAFA group this week for their monthly meeting.  As we are not just a quilt group, it was exciting to see all the wonderful felted projects that were brought into the meeting this week, especially those by visitor Demaris Verzulli.  She had taken a class as well as several RAFA members with Andrea Graham which must have been on felted landscapes judging from the output of several members!

I loved this orange cat and it was quickly purchased by another group member for her husband!

Another piece by Demaris of a winter scene.  These are very three dimensional and note the painted backgrounds in the frames.

This is the piece that Demaris did in the class.

This is the piece that Donna Patrick did in the class.  The stones were extremely three dimensional.  The pieces are done by created a felted background and then needle felting the scenes on top.  If only my hands could take the nuno felting!

This is the piece that Sue Carter did in the class -- really rich colors!

Anne Fisher showed off her beautifully felted jacket which only weighed 4 to 6 ounces yet was amazingly strong!  

This is one of three pieces Diane showed from an online class she is taking from Katie Pasquini-Mausopost.  They have new design challenges every two weeks and then get critiques.

 We all really enjoyed this piece which was done as part of a small group challenge to do something with a chestnut.  Kate's chestnut is a tennis ball cut open with a whole one next to it.

This was Liz Scott's chestnut challenge pieces created using Julie and Val's Red Dog Enterprises printing .  Holding up the pieces are Brenda, Liz and Anne.

Several people also did pieces for the Magical Threads challenge and this was Stephanie's piece which she literally created in the 18 hours prior to the contest deadline!!

People also shared a lot about their experiences with Iron Quilter and all agreed it was a wonderful experience that taught them a lot.  It is amazing how different all of our approaches were and also that we learned very different things about ourselves from the experience.  All agreed that we would do it again!!

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Great pics here!

My Mom is an artist in Sedona, loves textiles and has been blogging. I'll point her in your direction. You can find her at http://empowernetwork.com/johannakl