Monday, June 24, 2013

Lots of Pretty Flowers Now that Summer is Here!

Our next door neighbor's gardens are just beautiful!  We have had a lot of wet weather and now it is pretty warm and things are blooming like crazy!  I have been out of commission for a couple of weeks now with a  husband recovering from minor surgery and a bout with vertigo for myself.  Having never had something like this dizziness/vertigo before, it scared the heck out of me but disappeared as quickly as it appeared thank goodness with a little help from Dramamine and soothing words from my doctor!  I didn't even know what vertigo was -- I do now!!  Guess it is the reason for 17% of emergency room visits I read somewhere on the net.  

A Peace rose next door that was at the perfect state for a picture.

I liked this one even better!  

I have been spending a couple of hours a day getting my basement dyeing and marbling area back under control so I can get to do some dyeing while I am here.  I have even managed to get all my bolts of white fabric up on shelves unless we have another flood scare like last year when we were in NC and Sandy was supposed to come right through here.

Our begonias are just incredible this year -- they are just loaded with blossoms and the salmon one was particularly stunning.  I do love these begonias and they seem to winter over just fine in NC and we bring them back here and the bulbs just blossom!

This one is a brilliant fuchsia.

We have installed a hummingbird feeder in our front yard but the birds have yet to discover it  We have seen them on our flowers so hopefully it will just take a little time.  Our robins have flown the nest finally also.  

I spent the morning picking sour cherries off our tree and think we have enough for the first cherry pie of the season -- yum!!!  Nothing like homemade cherry pie -- my very favorite!  Looks like we might get three or four pies from the tree this year if we beat the squirrels (the netting really seems to be working).

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