Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lapidary Show Quilt

The autumn Lapidary show sent out a request for some different kinds of exhibits for this  year's show.  One of our RAFA members was given some minerals to  use in our pieces.  The only requirement was that it not be jewelry!  I was intrigued by this piece which is about an 1/8th of an inch thick.  It inspired me to construct another Strata quilt as that is what it looked like to me -- a piece cut our of a strata.  I was going to mount the piece on the front on a piece of marbled fabric that looked like stones.  Par for the course, I took this picture and then managed to lose the stone although it will show up sometime well after the show is over I am sure.  Luckily I had a box full of polished stones, some of which were the green color in this specimen.  It won't be the same but....  I will mount a picture of the inspiration on the back of the quilt!  This is a shot with no flash so the color isn't as true as the piece below.  The colors are the same.

This is the almost finished piece (missing the stones which I have yet to fully figure out how to mount).  It ended up being about 33 inches x 24 inches and is fairly heavily quilted.  You may have to double click to see closer.

So now I just have to put on the sleeve and the stones and the label!

I am also getting several quilts ready for an exhibition in Clifton Springs at their Art Center later this fall.

 It has been darn difficult to get a picture of the hummingbirds which are frequent visitors.  This was about 50 feet away so not too bad.  They love the butterfly bush and chase each other off and move much too fast!!

This is a picture my next door neighbor took of three Pileated Woodpeckers going for the suet he placed on the tree.  He sees them quite frequently.

The same afternoon I saw the hummingbird, I spotted one of the above woodpeckers in a tree over my driveway -- he stayed just long enough to get a picture -- they never get very close!


Judy Warner said...

Love what you did, Beth. Hope you find the stone!

Mary Kendall said...

I hope it's ok with you and your neighbor, but I used a picture of your pileated woodpeckers for a poem I wrote. I'd gladly amend it to give him credit as well. Nice blog...I'm following you now. Best wishes, Mary Kendall