Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lots of Visitors!

We had a house full of guests this past week!  My youngest daughter and her husband and my beautiful granddaughter were here from Seattle, her inlaws here from Myrtle Beach,  and my older daughter from Charlotte.  Here is my exuberant granddaughter and her grandpa!  There were getting ready to go fishing.  DH put a bell on the fishing line and she played  "catfishing" with one of our kitties!  The shirt was dyed by her mother!!!  It seems that I have brought her over to the "dark" side and she has taken up dyeing clothes -- now to just get her to use something other than RIT dyes!!

Here is Amelia with her newest friend Danny, a stuffed seal from her aunt LJ.  LJ was a big hit with her niece.

That's me in the background and my youngest daughter in the foreground.  She is a blonde right now but has been every color in the rainbow over the years!!  It should be no surprise that she has taken up dyeing -- so she will be a third generation dyer!!

Our other visitors have been the butterflies.  This was taken from the third floor balcony of a Palamedes Swallowtail butterfly in my neighbor's flower garden.  They have butterflies most of the time.

This was Black Swallowtail which was flitting around with the Palamedes butterflies above.  He is a bit more colorful.

Two of the Palamedes butterflies in flight.  There have also been an abundance of the sulfurs which gives butterflies their name (from the yellow color).  

The weather has been glorious and the ocean temps in the 80s.  I had to buy a new bathing suit, though,  as I managed to leave all of mine at home!!  What was I thinking?

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