Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My First Meeting at Quilter's by the Sea Guild of Wilmington

Finally after living down here part time for the last couple of years, I made it to a meeting of the local quilt guild .  It is about half the size of GVQC and had a more intimate feel than the meetings up north.  The web site is Quilter's by the Sea Guild of Wilmington.  Needless to say, I did join the group and very glad of that!

Our speaker for the evening was Susan Edmonson (her website).  She teaches classes on creativity, collages as well as all sorts of embellishment techniques and makes her home in Concord, NC.  Hers was about the only southern accent I heard all evening!!  The above was one of her pieces that featured many of her techniques as was developed as a sample for one of the fabric companies she designs for. One of the features of many of her pieces was text which you can see on the far left hand side of this piece.  She also markets a series of patterns and has recently published her first book.

This was Susan talking about the above piece.  She interjected a lot of humor in her presentation.

She had a table absolutely heaping with all sorts of really nice examples of her work which is very whimsical!

They had Show and Tell after the program.  I have to get these ladies better trained as they lifted up and showed their quilts so quickly, I couldn't get the camera focused so here are a few of the quilts from their show and tell which they held after the program!  Although a very simple pattern, this was  just a beautiful way to use up your colorful batiks.

I don't know any names yet but hopefully that will come with time as there is a reasonable number of people to get to know in this club!  This was the first quilt of this proud lady and with good reason to be proud, I might add -- very nice!

This was one of several quilts shown by one very prolific quilter who showed several quilts but so quickly, this was the only one I got a shot of!!

Another very pretty quilt!

This was a pretty quilt which was quickly donated to the Guild's contribution to the Neonatal  unit at the New Hanover Hospital.

This was a collaged piece by Patricia Mattison (her website). She has her work displayed and teaches at a local gallery down here in Wilmington.  She happened to sit in the same row in the back as I did and recognized me and she looked slightly familiar as well.  After a short chat, we found that we had many mutual friends and she was from Syracuse until a  year ago. She and I had pieces in an exhibit several years ago and we believe we took some of the same classes at Quilting by the Lake.  Definitely a small world moment!  I met several other quilters from New York who introduced themselves to me.

This and the following quilt were my two favorites!!  I love scrap quilts anyway and these two had such pretty colors.

Luckily these two ladies held up their quilts long enough so I could take a picture!!

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Bobbi Fitzsimmons said...

Hi, Beth. It's Bobbi Fitzsimmons from Quilters by the Sea in Wilmington. I was visiting with some quilting friends in Rhode Island this week and one of them said, "I know there's a guild in Wilmington, NC because I read the blog of Beth (and she couldn't remember your last name.)" She mentioned that the person lives in Rochester and I said, "Oh, Beth Brandkamp." How's that for a small world. I love your photographs and would like to discuss a project with you at the next QBTS meeting. Hope to see you then.