Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Just a Few Old Favorites - Another Primer on Telling Egrets from Ibis!

There is a flock of Ibis that regularly hang out around the neighborhood digging in the dirt for food.  There were 8 across the street in the empty lot yesterday and they were all adults although you could see just a teense of tan on one of them (they are brown as juveniles).  I get a kick out of seeing them from my porch!  Note the curved pink beak and legs.

The weather has finally become a little sunny so I managed to get out for a short walk yesterday.  Haven't seen much yet except for my regularly visiting shorebirds.  

A preening Great Egret down at Ft. Fisher.  He has a bright yellow beak and dark legs and is pretty tall.

A Snowy Egret who is perpetually  hanging out in this one spot.  I don't see as many of the Snowy Egrets as I do the Greats. The Snowies are about the same size as the Ibis and have a dark beak with just a little yellow.  Their legs are also dark with a yellow stripe.  They are smaller than the Great Egrets.

There were a couple of juvenile Royal Terns hanging out by the boat ramp yesterday as well.  I don't see them as often as the Forster's Terns.

Driving through Carolina Beach State Park, I spotted this Osprey (again, I think a juvenile) off in the distance.  Another osprey was flying around.

This is my winter project for this  year.  I like to have something to do by hand at night when in front of the boob tube.  Two years ago I hand quilted the Baltimore Album quilt so this year I thought I would try this queen sized wholecloth quilt.  Not sure it will get finished this winter but I will try!!  I find hand quilting very soothing.  I use a pair of pliers to pull the needles through.  It is a purchased printed pattern and hopefully the blue will wash out!!

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