Monday, September 15, 2014

Just a Little Dyeing

In preparing for a dyeing class I am teaching down in NC next week, I found some old dyes (I have no idea how old) in some bottles but still in powder form.  I also found still more tshirts that I didn't know I had so....This tshirt and the second tshirt were inspired by the tunic that Anne Fischer wore to RAFA last week.  I just kind of accordion folded it but on a diagonal.  I then twisted it into a spiral and set the ice on top of it and poured yellow high concentration sun yellow and then spread some powdered strong orange and basic brown on top.  I was very pleased with the results.

This was the second of the tshirts and had a little better coverage of dyes.  I will enjoy wearing these.  If I had time, I would probably do some more, but.... am trying to get packed up to head south.

This is the first of two pictures of different parts of one piece.  Again, I used these leftover dyes, pouring the yellow dye and then throwing on some blue (not sure which one!!).  This was a piece of fabric left over from a bolt I had. I had wanted to dye just some plain yellows as I have used up most of mine so there is also six yards of varying shades of  yellows.

A Black-capped Chicadee enjoying a warm day last week.  It is COLD here now and supposed to get colder by weekend.

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