Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quilting Finished!

Just one last picture from the trip to Montezuma.  I always carry my two cameras so that I can have one for the telephoto and one for more panoramic views.  The funny thing is that the two cameras have switched uses!!  Used to be the little Canon did better telephoto but since getting my Canon 100-400 telephoto, it definitely does better!!

 I finally finished doing the machine quilting on this second Lone Star quilt.  I used the Jan Krentz design but made it a bigger size than in her book and substituted these molas for the rocket blocks she has in her original.  I wanted the molas to have more border on them than the originals did.  I really spent a lot of time trying to figure out what kind of machine quilting to do and finally went back to the book to see how Jan had done it.  That is the choice I made for the points in the middle star -- kind of like veins in leaves and it was a fun stitch to do.  In the first of the Lone Star quilts which I did first, I outlined stitched everything first;  In this one, I worked totally from the center out, doing the leaf veins and then outlining the stars, working the stippling around the appliqued images and then doing the outside stars.  I think it worked better..

Here is even closer after all the stitching had been done.  I did straight line quilting in the border around the outside.  You can see the feather stitching in all the points and the stitching in the outside diamonds.  I like these better than the options chosen in the quilt in the book.

And here it is, all finished and bound!!  I may yet a littlle more quilting on the appliques themselves to make them sit a little flatter but hate to do that.  The quilt size is about 60 inches by 60 inches.

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