Monday, March 23, 2015

It's Been Awhile for an Update!!!

You just never know what birds you will run into down at Ft. Fisher.  This morning a couple of weeks ago, there were all sorts of shorebirds intermingling  Above you can see a Tri-color Heron (the dark one), a Snowy Egret and four immature Ibis who are still a bit tan in color but who will be snowy white soon!

The Marbled Godwits were there also and I never tire of seeing them!

A couple of brightly colored Oystercatchers were also there.

Even a Great Blue Heron was standing on the wooden wall.

The Tri-color has his catch.

I wondered by the Recreation Area and saw 17 deer!!  They were only a little timid.

Here is a close-up of one of the fellows.  The horns had fallen off of most of their heads which I now understand is what happens in the spring.  You could see a little remnant on one of the deer.

I had guests all of last week so I wanted to finish off this house quilt top before they arrived.  I also had to get my quilts ready for the quilt show we had last weekend.  It has  been a VERY busy couple of weeks!!  I will have a blog showing some of the quilts from the show as I am the official photographer!  You can see that I am using the scrap strips from the houses to put on a border.  

It's finished!!  I am not totally crazy about the border without some plain strip separating it from the top but it would have meant even more calculating and finagling to get the border to fit!

I was hoping against hope that I would finish quilting this wholecloth quilt before the GVQC show but it will have to be the next one as there is not a prayer!!  Most of the middle is done though but since it is queen sized, there is a lot of edge!  This is the back of the quilt so you don't see the blue lines!



Judy Warner said...

I love that blue heron photo, Beth!

Kathleen Banfield said...

Beth, now I REALLY wish I lived closer to you, because you are my kind of gal! I LOVE all your photos--that Great Blue Heron is spectacular! Have you ever entered a photo contest? The close-up of that deer is amazing, too. I wish I could share the pics with Bob, my ex (but we still live together--he has become my bff!)
And that wholecloth quilt--all I can say is, WOW. That ought to capture First Prize for sure. If not, then the judges need new glasses; or, if they don't have any to begin with--they NEED glasses! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I am still plugging away at my jacket. Haven't even started the quilting yet. My right hand hurts all the time, so I am forced to work around it.
Good luck and blessings, Kathy