Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jacket Progress!

It was a busy afternoon yesterday as I am running out of time to get a whole bunch of things done for our Guild quilt show which is the 20th of March but quilts have to be turned in March 14.  Three of my quilts needed sleeves, labels and all of the entries need their own pillowcase with numbers sewn on.  

In addition, I wanted to finish up the jacket (at least the outside) as it has been on my design wall too long!  I had really grappled with what to do to the front but resolved it by changing the neckline to something that fit more with garment.  It did have a vee neckline but I am much happier with this.  

I added the black side pieces to both the front and back so all that was left was to do the front darts and then sew everything together and try it on (which was a scary prospect as I just assumed the pattern I made before would fit!

It's all sewn together and on a hanger now!

I tried it on and it fit.  This is not a great picture as I am facing a mirror and taking the picture!  I think I am going to like the jacket though.  You can see how little of the black sides that  you see!  So now just to do the facing and the lining and I even think I have enough of the black silk to finish it off!

Two of my favorite birds were down at the boat dock yesterday -- Marbled Godwits hanging out with a largish flock of Dunlins.

The other Godwit on a very grey day!  I just love their impossibly long beaks!!


knutty knitter said...

Looking good :)

yvette said...

wow, the coat is so beautiful!