Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Quilters By The Sea Guild Quilt Show

In this blog, I have included many of my favorite quilts from the show which was held last weekend.  The judges and I agreed on many this year including this adorable cat quilt by Becky Bucci.  Colin didn't stand a chance against this one which got a first in its category.  My Colin Reconstructed came in second.

We all really liked this small Tiger Lily quilt by Lynn Flaherty. 

This is Natural Curves by Mary Harned.  I tried to keep the picture size in proportion for the quilt size

This is Great White Flight by Terri Hemeon.  It is in three parts.

We loved this quilt which the judges loved too and I know it won a first place in its category.  It is called Under the Msasa Tree by Patti Larsen.

Of course I loved this one with all the birds!  This is All About Birds by Donna Bergman.

This was done by my friend Dianne Brisson and is called Swirl.  It won a first place as well as a Best Use of Color award.  And she wasn't going to enter it!!

Loved the colors in this one.  It is Stash Buster by Eithne Scelzi.

This is Circless of Life by Beverly Kern and was beautiful.

This certainly placed first in its category -- beautifully appliqued.

It is Now I Know My ABCs by Mary Anne Coadic.

I don't know if this won any prizes but I loved it!  It is Night Sky by Angela Bridger.

I also loved this very simple scrap quilt.  It is called Vertical Drop by Terri Hermeon. 

Who wouldn't love this kitty quilt with kitty fabric!  It is called Fabulous Felines by Joanne Foster.
This won for the Best Scrap Quilt in the show.  Pictures don't do it justice.  It is called Obsessiveness by June Bell.  Look at all those little nine patches!!

Well, I didn't include all my favorites nor all the judges' favorites as I just didn't have the space.  I don't know whether they sold all the disks I made with the whole show on them either.

My guests who were up from Florida included two quilters who enjoyed the show tremendously.  

I would really like to say that the people who hung the show did an exceptional job.  I know from experience how difficult it is to fit quilts into a rather small space and still have them look good and not crowded.  They did a better than excellent job.

These are the quilts that I entered below.
This is Fiesta.
This is X's and O's (otherwise known as the hated quilt) which won a third place in the pieced bed quilts.

This is the Lone Star Mola quilt which won a first place in its category.

This is Colin Reconstructed which won a second place.

This is the Strata quilt.


Kathleen Banfield said...

Beth, I am SO very glad that I was not the person to judge those quilts; no way could I merely deem ONE as "best"--they are ALL stunning! As I scrolled down, I kept changing my mind about which one I preferred.You all do such amazing work! Thanks and blessings to you for sharing!

Kathleen Banfield said...

Ok, here's MY choice:
Colin Quilt #1
Larsen's Mesasa Tree Quilt a very close #2
I can't even figure out the third place, but because my daughter owns two cats that get on my nerves, I would not vote for a kitty quilt as #1! LOL

Elaine said...

Thanks for the pics of the show from your "other" guild! And, congratulations on your awards...all deserved!

Beth Brandkamp said...

Thanks for the nice comments!! Always glad to hear them and wish I could meet with all my readers!! Actually had someone recognize me from my blog at a quilt retreat last year!! Shocking when someone you don't know calls you by name!!