Saturday, September 10, 2016

GVQC September Meeting -- Lots Got Done This Summer!!

Some of the quilts in today's Show and Tell were spectacular!!  This was hand pieced by new member Jean Lamond and won first place at NY State Fair.  Anyone who has seen my blog  knows how much I love radial symmetry and this ws just a wow -- everything: color, design and workmanship!

This is the raffle quilt for the Irondequoit Quilt Club and was also gorgeous!!

Here is a closeup of some of the Mariner's Compasses that make up the quilt.

Pat Pauly did this luscious quilt using her own dyed and monoprinted fabrics -- wonderful color!

This was another of the beautiful creations shown today.

Tina Somerset is one of our newer members whose quilts I have shown before.  She is teaching at Patricia's Fabric House here in Rochester and if I were here, I would definitely be in her class!  This is one of the pieces she did as part of an online class.

 This is another piece she did as part of the class.  At first she showed it as the vertical version but said the teacher preferred the horizontal.  For some reason, I can't get the vertical version to show!

This is a series of three pieces done by Ann Nash who is a fantastic hand quilter.  These were from patterns by Kumiko Sudo and are three dimensional.  She uses them as door hangings for each season.

I really liked the use of scraps in this quilt.  The woman who did it said that her husband basically did the design as she was stuck.  She then quickly sewed it together and it is a really nice top.

We had an incredible display of our "comfort" quilts which are donated to various charities in the area.  They were moving across the stage so fast, I barely got any pictures which is why I have them so small -- to disguise the blurriness!  I wanted to remember all these great uses of scraps though.  Easy quilts but really great looking.  There were so many different ones today -- even I handed in four!

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