Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yearly Visit to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

It was a gorgeous day for heading down south of here to the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge to see if I could see some migrating shorebirds.

This is a cute picture of two Tree Swallows.  Mama (the one on the right) is feeding junior a dragonfly she had caught.  I didn't see the dragonfly until I blew the picture up -- had thought it was a stick!

The first bird I spotted in  pond next to a large drainage ditch was this Greater Yellowlegs which I see here often.

I believe this is a Long-billed Dowitcher, another one I see often here.  He had dark legs.

There were several Kildeers -- I don't usually see them in the water!

 These birds were far away as were the above birds.  They are some sort of Sandpiper -- either stilt, lesser or Western.  

I always see Caspian Terns here.  These were all in that same shallow pond.  I think shallow ponds are the best for shore birds up here!!

Just as I was thinking I would like to see a Common Morehen among all the American Coots that were swimming in the drainage areas, I spotted several -- all heading away from me as fast as they could!

Did spot this Pied-billed Grebe among the Coots as well!

I didn't see any eagles this time although there are evidently several resident in the area.  I spotted Cormorants and egrets off in the distance.

I was there right at noon which is probably not the best time.  Altogether I counted around 15 species of birds that I could identify from my car -- not my best count there!

I did score some of my favorite dyeing fabric (Hoffman 1377) at  good price at the local Mennonite quilt shop.  Have already started using it.  More posts to follow!!

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