Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September RAFA Meeting

 There weren't many quilts that I could take pictures of as many were being shown  in a new display called Whence We Came -- there were some spectacular quilts in that category -- wish I could have taken their pictures!!  

This was a small wall quilt by Sue D that she had given to her college kid.  It was put on the door of whoever had a birthday.  I thought it was really cute and clever!

Elaine showed this beautiful quilt of an orchid.  the image as well as the quilting were wonderful.

 This was one of several quilts done by a new member Marie.  It was started at QBL in a class with Rosalie Dace.

This is a closeup of the previous quilt with the third panel opened up to show the sunset.

 Sarah showed this and the following scrap quilt.  I thought they were both wonderful and will save them in Pinterest in my Scrap Quilts folder.  I certainly have enough scraps!!

This was another quilt done by Marie!

Well, I started auditioning fabrics to go with my reject mandala.

Here I decided to make a skinny green and then light blue border.  Now what to fill in the side triangles with.  Here I am auditioning some of the "drop" cloths that had been underneath the mandalas.

I rejected the former one and went with this arrangement.  What you probably can see is that the triangles are just white fabric which I plan to quilt like crazy!

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