Saturday, November 12, 2016

Progress on the New Quilt

In yesterday's post, you saw all the snowflake 5 inch squares which I really wanted to utilize in a quilt.  They just didn't work on their own as they are all different colors.  I had a whole bunch of squares that I had not discharged so I finally decided that I would make it a little more interesting by combining the snowflake blocks with plain blocks that were 5 inches square, and then some blocks that had four blocks make up the 5 inch square and then one step further and blocks that needed 16 squares to make the 5 inch block.  Then you could combine then as I did here with one  plain block and 12 of the smaller blocks.

The measurements were 5 inch squares, 2 3/4 inch squares which finish to 5 inches and then 1 5/8 inch squares which combined make the 5 inch squares.  Most were cut down from those 8 x 11 inch scraps that I have.

This gives you a view of how they start going together -- very very preliminary.  Can't decide yet how big to make this or how many of the snowflakes will be included.

It is a work in progress and is already telling me what it likes and what it doesn't like.  I have found I have very little control over my quilts once they get to a certain stage.

I have continued to go down to Ft. Fisher but the birds have really been absent this year. This Great Egret has been a pretty frequent visitor along the roadside.  Hopefully we will see some on our Black Bear Trip next weekend!!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

So far so good. I like this idea for the snowflakes, pairing them with the solids & a little piecing in color groups. Don't think I would have thought of that!