Sunday, November 13, 2016

Some Ice Dyeing!!!

This is a "best laid plans" post!!  I set up an ice dyeing date with my friend Dianne as she wanted to know how I did my mandalas.  I carefully got all my stuff together the day before, cut and ironed all my fabrics and headed to her house (which is about a half an hour from my house).  

The very sad part of the story is that I had bought a whole slew of nice new dyes that I had delivered down here to NC.  I had a few random dyes that I had brought down from NY, but mostly just a few colors that were already in the shaker jars (and there wasn't much in those jars).  Well, you guessed it -- I forgot all my nice new dyes with all their great colors!!  All I had were basically a tiny bit of yellow, a little navy I borrowed from Dianne and a lot of strongest red, strongest orange and basic brown.  All of these squares were 11 x 11 inches and I did an additional bunch of 22 x 22 inch squares.  I was so ticked off at myself that I was very unorganized in putting all those squares on three racks (not large racks -- maybe 11 x 15).  Besides the squares, I did both cloths on top and on the bottom of the piles that I put on the racks.  I used a lot of dye in these limited palettes though.  I was shocked at how well they managed to come out -- especially these smaller ones which are more difficult to get a good range of contrast.  I literally just piled them up willy-nilly!  I also didn't plan the color placement at all as I had so few options.

This and the following are the larger squares.  Some aren't quite 22 x 22 but are a bit smaller.

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Patsy said...

These are gorgeous!!!!!