Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Some More Progress on Stepping Stones Quilt

This is the first day in over a month where we have had any kind of sunset at all!!  Of course the past three days when we have had the "super" moon, we have had clouds and more clouds!!

Another shot of the sunset at my favorite sunset place looking through the Live Oaks.  Not as colorful as some nights but not bad!

Some Ibis were down by the water -- usually they are in the lawn across the street!!  Too dark to get much of anything except the color!

I am actually having fun putting this quilt together.  Each day I just sew these little squares together.  It's growing.  There are no shortcuts for this one as I just have little piles of 1 5/8 in squares, 2 3/4 inch squares and the 5 inch snowflakes and plain squares.

This is where I stopped today.  Now I will have to get serious and plan some of the squares as I don't want the squares to really stand out -- want them to blend into each other and get all sorts of odd shapes.   I keep switching them around but still not in its final configuration yet! It is currently 7 blocks by 7 blocks or about 32 inches square if finished.  I think ultimately I will make it about 40 x 55 or something close so have a lot more squares to piece!!  I will still have lots of snowflakes left though....  I might actually make another one using some shortcuts (cutting strips, sewing together and then cutting).

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