Saturday, January 7, 2017

Some Dyeing and Moving Ahead with City Lights

Well, in a few days I have finally made progress on City Lights.  Each day I think I have made enough four patches, only to still have empty spaces!!

I try to take pictures at the end of each day.  I only work for about 2 hours in the afternoon but if the weather is really bad, l may be found downstairs a bit more!

Almost done!!

Well, finally all the patches are done but far from being sewn together.  Let's hope for no big breezes!!  That is one jigsaw puzzle I don't want to put together!

I decided that I liked this orientation better and more in line with the title as it is more a landscape!

I got together with my dyeing buddies yesterday.  They did some extreme overdyeing while I just did some gradations.  This one is a gradation of Boysenberry with a 3% solution of Basic Blue added to each pot.  They are really a bit darker than this picture shows.

This was a gradation of Strong Orange with a 3% solution of Sun Yellow overdyeing it.  I really prefer to do it in one step but got lost in the process.  Again, think they are darker than the picture shows.  I wanted to do these as a sunset quilt is in my future.

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