Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Major Shift in the Birds of a Feather Quilt!!!!

Just a peek at the fireworks pictured later in the post.  We actually stayed up until midnight as we can see the fireworks from our porch!

You can see I totally changed directions on the Birds of a Feather quilt deciding (like one of my commenters suggested) that it was really two quilts.  I tried to surround the little appliques with more black but that just looked clunky.  So I decided to cut into some of my hand dyes and surround the appliques and make the whole quilt a lot smaller so that the appliques would not get lost.  They are only 4 inch square - I surrounded them with a little black so that they would be 5 inches finishing to 4 1/2 inches.

The following pictures are all from the Kure Beach fireworks which happens every other year about a half a mile from the house.

It is always fun despite the struggle to stay up until midnight!!

 Now to go back and use all the squares left from the other attempt!  It begins...

 It's growing.

Back to the sewing machine to make some more blocks!!  I already have a name for it -- City Lights!


Sandy said...

This is a very good change. I like the birds and mola pieces showcased. The green makes them pop.
Sandy in the UK

Claire said...

Love the birds with the green and "City Lights"

Barbara Walsh said...

The new quilt from the leftovers looks like it should be called NEW YEARS EVE FIREWORKS. Love the new direction you went.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes! The green really showcases the birds. No fighting what else is going on to see them. This will be beautiful. The other was just too busy. but now that you are putting those busy blocks together in a separate quilt, what a perfect name City Lights is. And what great fireworks pics!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the nice comments!! I am much happier now and am getting near the end of the City Lights quilt. May have to do another one and call it Firework lights although I am beginning to think that might be a good name for this one with the black background pieces. Coincidentally, I did a fireworks quilt for the last Iron Quilter competition I was in!