Friday, December 30, 2016

Progress on Birds of a Feather

Have been making progress and at this point am keeping with the 9 x 13 format of the other quilt..  Amazingly I discovered that half the birds were facing in one direction and half in the opposite direction.  I moved them so that they all faced to the middle!

At this point  I decided that I should make the quilt in a slightly smaller format so that the birds wouldn't get lost as they are supposed to be the focus although not the focal point.

Steadily adding more squares and now things are getting more planned so they aren't completed squares anymore but broken into four parts as I build up the areas.

Starting to rearrange the blocks and decided that the yellow in the middle was looking much too much like a focal point so went for the calmer blue but may change again.

This is where I left the design wall today!  It's getting there!  Lots and lots of moving around at this point and will be more tomorrow I am sure!!  It now has a name as well -- Birds of a Feather.


Claire said...

Just my opinion for what its worth--the birds are still lost. Maybe a wider black area one each side of them? Don't know but the birds and the bright pieces almost seem to be two different quilts.

Elizabeth said...

I might just do that!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

The more green you add the more the birds show up - at least in the photos. You seem to be moving towards quieting down what's going on around the outside and I think that's a good thing.