Friday, December 23, 2016

Okay More Sunsets, Some Birds and a Start to My Next Project

 Can't help myself on these perfect evenings for sunsets down at Ft. Fisher.  I took this bunch from a little different perspective.  The trees are Live Oaks and make the scenery look like the African plain even though there is a river in the background here which you can't see as it is too dark!

I really liked the sky in the background.  I used my little point and shoot so I got more into these pictures than the others where I was using my telephoto lens.  

 Just a couple more!!

All done until the next nice evening!!  Really want to get some purples.  I call the sky "sky blue pink" which was actually a color I remember from when I was about 8!

Carolina Beach Lake has had some birds other than the many Cormorants and Coots.  This is a brightly colored male Bufflehead.

This is a Ruddy Duck.

This is a male Scaup -- I used to see tons of these but this is the only one i have seen this year.

The Ruddy Duck joined a male Bufflehead and two females.  The Buffleheads were constantly diving as was the Scaup.

This is a very early start on my next quilt.  I am incorporating many of the smaller Panamanian appliques I purchased from Priscilla Kibbee.  They are a little short of the five inch squares I have been using.  I will be adding a lot of plain black squares in this one as well (there was no black in the other quilt).  I have gotten a ton of these little 4-squares done already so now ready to add in the larger squares and start some assembling!  Progress will be halted as my daughter will be visiting for Christmas and I don't like to isolate myself when she is here!

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