Friday, December 16, 2016

Finishing the Star Quilt!

It is finally together and now to figure out what borders to add.  I know that the outside border will be the remainder of the flower fabric but it needs something in between.  My first thought is some pink as that is the predominant color in the flowers.

It is okay but just too bright and too much.  I had decided a white border the width of the white around the stars would be the first border.

I gathered a bunch of the colors in the flowers and decided to put  one inch border containing all the colors.

Then I decided to repeat the green again so that the flowered fabric would be next to a solid.

All done.  I am relatively pleased.  Certainly it is better than the table runner.  It is about 48 inches by 65 at this point so will be good for lying under on the couch on those chilly evenings!

By the way, I decided to call it "Falling Stars" as that is what it looked like with the half stars on the top and bottom (gotta use up all those pieces!).  I would have used more of the background fabric instead of those half stars if I had any left!!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I like it! Not sure I would have included the border of squares but that's just me. At least it's done and ready to quilt. More than you can say for some of my projects - lol.