Thursday, March 2, 2017

QBTS February Meeting -- Augusta Cole - Part 1

I had so many pictures that Augusta will get her own blog post and the pictures from Show and Tell will come out another day!  This is Augusta with one of the scrappy quilts that she designs.  Most of her designs (if not all) were amazingly simple but she did some wonderful variations using color and settings that made them very unique.  I may actually try some of the patterns using half square triangles which are not my favorite for sure!!

There were so many quilts she showed, I won't even attempt to comment on many of them!

 These next three all use simple half square triangles and our patches but are arranged in different ways.  Doesn't get much simpler than that!

I loved this simple design.

This was one of her earliest quilts and a start for her love of log cabin quilts.

 These next two log cabins I just loved.  They were made using two different size strips for the light and dark areas.  The light was a half inch thinner than the dark.

The next few are more eclectic in nature showing the different uses of half square triangles which is a recurring theme.  There are others here as well.

She was a very fun speaker and a fun teacher and I certainly enjoyed the quilts as I love scrappy quilts.

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