Thursday, March 23, 2017

Quilting on One of the Mandala Quilts -- Almost Done!!

This is a picture through the Live Oaks at Ft. Fisher without the sunset!! That is the Cape Fear River in the background.  We live with this river on one side of us and the Atlantic Ocean visible from our porches!

Almost all of the quilting is done on this mandala quilt.  

There are some closeups.  Around the inner panel here is feathers.  I just did a free hand bit of quilting in the mandalas. Once I decided I didn't have to follow the lines of the mandala, they became much easier to work with.  I did try to follow a little bit of what was happening in the middle mandala.

Here is the detail of the quilting in the middle mandala.  I kind of did a giant flower in the center and other natural elements around the outside with the feathers repeated in the darker areas.

This is the quilting that I did in each of the outer mandalas.  

I used no flash in this picture so you can really see the quilting!!!

Before my guests came, I whipped up a bunch of these snap bags from some fat quarters and half yards that I rarely use anymore.  They were great fun to do!!

This is a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker that was visiting my daughter's new house.

Our Bluebirds are starting their nests and there are always nests down at Ft. Fisher.

A Snowy Egret showing his plummage down at Ft. Fisher.

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