Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Hexagon Quilt is Done!!

Here is my company while I work on finishing up the hexagon quilt!  I have had two kitties keeping me company almost all the time.  One did inhibit my progress a bit!!  But I got lots of purrs to compensate for sitting on the sewing machine.  This whole quilt was done on my FW.  I had ordered a new 1/4 inch foot from Amazon and it was perfect for this.  My FW, since being worked on by my Mennonite repair guy, is almost as fast as my Juki.

I got it finally all put together yesterday and it was really quick as everything fit nicely.

Here I have added the first border, a hand dyed blue just slightly darker than the triangles in the blue.

Finally got it all done this afternoon and quite pleased.  It measures 82 x 82.  I hadn't intended a square quilt but it just worked out that way with the seven rows of six blocks per row.  They are slightly wider than they are long.

Here is a closeup showing the whole border.  The outermost fabric was one I purchased on my cross country trip last summer and it was perfect for this quilt which called for a patterned border.

Not a very exciting bird, but a Ibis I encountered on a drive down to Ft. Fisher.  The background was a little different as you don't usually see the hunkering down in the woods!

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