Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Introducing the Sweet Charity Bee

Wilmington's Coastal Sewing and Vac hosted our first "production" meeting of the newly named Sweet Charity Bee.  Our purpose is to use quick processing techniques to make quilts which will be donated to various local organizations.  We managed to finish  mostly six tops that were about 40 x 54 in a little over two hours!!  

We had a couple of people picking the strips to go together (the strips had been cut ahead of time), I think four of us sewing and a couple of people pressing, cutting the strip sets up and trimming the sashing pieces as well as cutting the sashing pieces and borders.  We basically made a 20 piece strip set from 2 1/2 inch strips.  These were then trimmed and cut into three sections.  Sashing was added and then a border around the whole piece.  These will then be quilted and bound.

The pieces are being sorted into groups of 20.

First we sewed them in groups of two, then sewed the two strip pieces together to make four, and then the four strip groups into eight etc until we had all 20 sew in one big strip set.   She is sewing her duos together here!

Here are some larger grouping being put together and Dianne has taken on the ironing role.

Miranda was our general helper and did ironing, trimming, cutting sashing and grouping fabrics in her spare time!!

This was the top that I finished!

Getting close to done!

Another one done!!

Another  one done!!

Here are the ladies with the six mostly completed tops.  Just a little work left on two.  Pretty good for a small group in slightly more than two hours!!

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