Thursday, November 8, 2018

QBTS Mystery Quilt - Top is Almost Done!

My blog got left by the wayside for awhile as my old whiplash injury was bothering my neck and then I managed to complicate that with an annoying case of vertigo.  I have suffered with this twice before -- once it was like this one and another time it was very transient.  It is scary and I always check things to make sure it is not a stroke!

I am on the mend and catching up with chores and quilts.  I finished binding 29 stack and whack quilts a couple of weeks ago.  I am keeping five temporarily as I have a guild program back in Rochester in the spring about stack and whack quilts.  20 are being donated to the Sweet Charity group and 4 are being donated to the neo-natal group.

The above quilt top was a mystery quilt with the clues being given each month since May and finishing a few days ago.  I really had no idea what the final product would look like.  I had originally planned to include orange in this quilt but thought that orange would too quickly overwhelm everything if there was too much of it.  I am very glad I made that decision now and am a little concerned about the amount of yellow as it takes a lot of purple to balance this much yellow.  I will probably do purple quilting in the yellow blocks.  Each of these blocks finishes to 24 inches so the top is currently 72 x 72.  I will be adding borders to hopefully make it about 82 x 82.  It is a little overpowering right now because of these large blocks!!  I am very glad I went the scrappy route though.  I will be doing lots of scrappy quilts this winter!!

I now have to get several of the larger stack and whacks basted and quilted -- I have all the parts, just need to get the together!

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