Monday, June 10, 2019

Some Real Progress on the Blue and Yellow Kaleidoscope

I hope you can see why this fabric inspired me to do another stack and whack.  I really liked the colors and figured there would be good designs from this.  Of course the challenge is always the set.

This is the second bunch.  Altogether there are 81 blocks and I want to set them on point.  I played a LOT with Electric Quilt 8 to figure out what to do with these blocks.  I found two pieces of blue that worked well with these and then decided to use a yellow/orange so looked into my hand dyes and found some that was perfect.

I should add that besides culling fabric from my stash, I have been going through it all, gathering the smaller pieces and cutting it to 2 1/2 inch, 2 in and some misc strips by color.  I have only gotten through the yellows and oranges so far but have filled 5 2 1/2 gallon zip loc bags with these strips!!

This was the beginning of what how I thought I was going to arrange these blocks.  I liked the Christmas ornament look I had seen on some Pinterest quilts.

I have a problem with too much blue for some reason and find it very difficult to work with even though it is one of my favorite colors.  Soooo....

This is the iteration I worked out with in EQ.  I had decided the previous day to split the blocks into those that were predominantly yellow or had yellow on the outside and predominantly blue ones.  It worked out that I had a pile of 30 of the yellower ones.  The really weird thing is that the set that I had picked out used exactly 30 of the lighter colored blocks!!  Totally unplanned.  I told my husband that I thought my brain was processing things without me knowing.  He laughed.

Anyway, I thought the yellow was going to be too overwhelming sooo...

So this was the next audtion.  I removed the yellow corner blocks and was just going to leave it like that but then after staring at it, I came up with another version.  Haven't made any sample blocks but auditioned it in EQ and think it will work!  Instead of the solid yellow, I am going to put four patches in on point with the yellow on the top and bottom and white on the sides.

This is how my current idea of the set from Electric Quilt.  Of course the blocks are all radially symmetric blocks instead of these!


Bibby and Pa said...

Love your blog and how you goo about your stack and whack.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! I am earning the title of Stack and Whack queen around here!