Monday, November 4, 2019

October QBTS Meetiing

It's been a very busy couple of weeks basting, machine quilting and binding all those quilt tops I did last summer.  I have made major progress and have 3 Habitat for Humanity quilts finished, 8 neo-natal quilts and 1 Sweet Charity quilt in the past 10 days.  I also have 5 more quilts spray basted and have actually run out of basting spray yet again!!  All I have left to baste now are the two big quilts that I am keeping.  Only one of those has be done by year end (the mystery quilt).  

There was a plethora of baby quilts at our October meeting.  This is an amazingly productive group!!!  I am only going to post some of them.

Our speaker was our own Ruth Humphrey who had an amazing display of over 25 quilts -- stunning work!!  I have included some of my favorites although I took pictures of most of them.

The quilt peaking through on the right was my contribution for this month.  I will have at least 7 to turn in this coming meeting!!

This is our speaker Ruth in her colorful vest.  I have only posted a few of the quilts she showed.  She is a quilter after my own heart as she does scrappy almost exclusively.  Even my very first quilt was a scrap quilt, before I had even heard the term!

I had several days when I couldn't upload pictures to Blogger so this is really late!!
I didn't post any of the show and tell pictures as I couldn't get any good pictures because of where people were standing.  Hopefully I will pick a better seat next time!!  There were many nice ones!

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