Sunday, January 19, 2020

One More Before Guests Arrive!!

I decided that I really liked the looks of these as a runner.  You can see them better individually since each is so different.  I surrounded them each with some random hand dyes.

I then surrounded each one with blue hand dyes.  I had to do it this way as I didn't have a piece long enough to go down the side.  Also, if you look real closely, you can see that the bottom mandala is a little larger than the other two!  By the time I noticed that, I was too lazy to take it apart and cut it down to size!

I didn't want to start anything new as guests are arriving today for a week of bridge and conversation.  One is a quilter I understand although I haven't met her yet!  This is a quick use of my 2 inch strips and more of the black and white fabric that never seems to run out.  Amazingly, I thought I had brought it all down here to NC but discovered another box when home this summer!!

So I won't be posting for at least a week!

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