Saturday, October 17, 2020

Huntington Beach State Park and Three More Tops Finished

This is one of two quilts I made from what I considered some pretty ugly fabric.  I almost prefer this type of fabric for stack and whacks as it can't get worse and usually is better.  I am not sure this was true for this one!  It is okay but not my favorite for sure!  As usual, I did two different sets!

This is the second one.

This is the ugly fabric.  It had a 24 inch repeat though!  Still have a bit left which I will incorporate into the backs.  I obviously bought it to do hexagons but didn't think it was worth the extra work of hexagons these last few days.

I have bags and bags of finished squares that I made during my time with leg in cast and before I left for Rochester in the spring.  This was one of those bags which didn't have that many squares.  These were probably leftovers from a previous project but I found an arrangement that used all of them and some hand dyed pale yellow fabric for the set.

I gave 15 tops to a friend who has a long arm and is the leader of the charity quilt group.  I managed to find backings for all of them as well so she will be kept busy quilting for awhile!  I feel guilty giving her three more this soon after giving her all the others!

My daughter and I took our annual pilgrimage to Huntington Beach State Park last week shortly after I got down here.  It was high tide so we mostly saw egrets and more egrets with an occasional siting of others.  Before we left we spotted our Wood Storks in their arboreal retreat and Lisa ran back and got some good pictures of them and the one Roseate Spoonbill that had joined them.  This is the one Anhinga we saw which surprised me as it is a salt water marsh and I usually see them in fresh water areas.  He posed for us though!

This was one pudgy great egret!!  He was chasing everyone away and my daughter got a great picture of him in flight!  I thought he was a swan when I first spotted him (or her).

This was a Little Blue Heron that I spotted off in the distance and was amazed that I got a decent picture of him.
This is a very handsome Osprey!

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