Tuesday, June 21, 2022

You Win Some, You Lose Some...

For some reason, I don't have a picture of all the blocks done for this quilt top!!  This is using the strips I cut up a few days ago.  I decided to look at the quilts I had done (in Pinterest) and pick some that would look good with these strips which I was not overly fond of!!  This top turned out much better than I expected and looked a little like a "modern quilt" when done!  I still had a big pile of strips and decided that I would do the "tumbling blocks" quilt that I had done before with the smaller block inside the bigger block.  I took out what I thought was a 60 degree ruler to do these.  I cut all the triangles in the six different configurations that are required for this quilt!

Here are the six piles all arranged for piecing together into hexagons.  Luckily, as I always do, I sewed three pieces together just to get a feel for how it would look.  It didn't!!  I definitely did not get half a hexagon!

It appeared that the ruler I used was something other than 60 degrees.  I pulled out a 60 degree diamond ruler that I had and laid it on top of the supposed 60 degree ruler.

This is the ruler I used.  I found out on the internet that it supposed to be used to make "peaky and spikey" blocks which for some reason don't use a 60 degree ruler but something like 55 1/2.  When I make those type of blocks which I do frequently in my house quilts, I just use a plain old 60 degree ruler (unfortunately my good one is at the beach) and the blocks come out just fine so don't see the need for this "specialized" ruler which will go on a free table!

Here is my diamond ruler (which is 60 degrees and not ideal for cutting out triangles) on top of one of the triangles I cut.  I cut down six of the triangles to see if it was possible to still make the size triangles I needed.

It was okay with the smaller block in the middle but no way was I going to cut down all those triangles so onto plan b -- find some way to use those triangles or toss them all.  Being of a strong New England heritage, that second option just didn't seem right so...

I started sewing triangles together to see if I could get a straight line and voila, I could!  So I decided to make enough strips from these triangles to make a baby sized quilt.  I almost had enough triangles to pull it off and today I sewed a bunch more together.

So here is the result of sewing these together.  I have to make a few more triangles so that each strip will be long enough and may make one more strips so will need to use that ruler one more time.  I will insert the off white strips between each of the rows to make it wide enough.

My biggest problem is that I can't seem to find any fabric in my stash to match these colors but I will look further as I do need to do some borders and binding!


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The Idaho Beauty said...

Impressive how you worked through this!